IVI’s GoForward plan to capitalize on Russian technology for the petroleum industry is published in the flagship magazine, E&P, Hart Energy (Houston), December 2005.

Topics in the GoForward Plan include:

  1. Deal flow and investment opportunities in technology
  2. Transforming Russian potential into solutions
  3. IP status of Russian technology
  4. Transparency, business practices and the Russian risk factor
  5. Drive innovation into the market – link enabling technologies with platform solutions
  6. Speed commercialization – mix & match CIS & foreign technology
  7. Target Russian value clusters as satisfiers of strategic priorities and unmet needs
  8. Upgrade CIS technology with Western solutions for Russian sales; then attack global markets
  9. Link global technology activities to the supply chain needs in the local market
  10. Invest locally and internationally to create value
  11. Capital is a partial solution; provide Western systems skills to CIS counterparties
  12. The value-added of venture capital in implementing the GoForward plan

Go here to download the article (English & Russian, PDF – 1.4MB).