This list presents a sample of transactions led by members of the IVI team, by stage, sector, amount of investment, deal structure and geography, evidence of the team’s breadth and depth accomplishments in multi-asset investments. The below is not the entire list of the 316 direct investments made across N. America, Europe, countries of Sub-Sahara Africa & former Soviet Republics. 

This list also includes lending facilities to banks and fund-of-fund investments. In a few cases, names of investees are undisclosed, not to be secret, but to respect the wishes of our co-fund managers.  

North America

CompanyStageAboutSector/Business ModelFunding/Source
Applied Intelligent Systems Inc.EarlyMachine vision (hardware/software) for industrial automation, autonomous inspection & robotics in auto and semi-conductor industriesAdvanced manufacturing$700k VC
Neogen Corp.EarlyElectronic instrumentation, pathogen detection & food safetyAgriculture, biotech$700k VC
Personal Bibliographic Systems Inc.EarlyEnterprise software:  producer and seller of bibliographic & database retrieval softwareSoftware$200k VC
Face TechnologiesStart-upPC peripheral boardsMemory$330k VC
Crossbar TechStart-upUltra-high density memristor based memory chipElectronics, Memory$45MM VC
Vortex Hydro EnergyStart-upUltra-low power processorRenewables, Hydrokinetic power generator$6MM VC
Fusion CoolantStart-upSupercritical CO2 based machining for advanced aviation and medical implant alloysAdvanced Mfging, MachiningGrant-$2MM VC $10MM
HistosonicsStart-upNon-invasive surgery using focused ultrasoundMedical device, Material properties$64MM VC
Cibo TechnologiesStart-upAgronomy software using a proprietary predictive algorithmAgriculture, Software$50MM VC
KOPESS Ag TechStart-upGMO plant traits which impart inducible drought toleranceAgriculture, Plant traits$350k-grant
Jolt TechnologiesStart-upAdd on system that can better measure torque for engine and drive train useEnergy, Batteries$450k-angel VC
DurabilikaStart-upMetal fatigue analysis software for engineers at SMEsMechanical Design, Material Properties$170K-grant
JetXplore/ AR 360Start-upInteractive, VR aviation training app., to bridge gap between classroom and simulatorAviation, VR/AR Training$475k grant
OTPVStart-upOncolytic Tana Pox virus, treat cancerPharma, Immunoncology$160k-grants
StabiLuxStart-upFluorophore technology enabling medical researchers to detect what was previously undetectableLife Science, Medical Tool Reagents$2MM grants
NanosoundStart-upActive noise cancellation system using properties of carbon nanomaterialsNanomaterials, Thermophone$1MM-grants
Pure PEGStart-upPure Polyethylene Glycol at small and medium molecular weights for linkers in drug productionPharma, Drug Dev.$225k-grants
GenonenomStart-upGenome interpretation for cancer researchBiotech, HealthcareGrant-$1MM, $6.5MM VC
ONL TherapeuticsStart-upTherapeutics for retinal diseaseBiotechnology, Drug discoveryGrants $1.7MM, $10MM VC
IROA TechnologiesStart-upMetabolic proofing toolsBiotechnology, Discovery tools $2.8MM VC
RetroSenseStart-upGenetic engineering to restore sightBiogenetics, Drug discovery$11MM VC, $1MM grants
3D DashStart-upIntegration of MIG welding + CNC machining into a one station operation of 3d printing of functional prototypes & replacement partsAdvanced manufacturing$206k grants
Goal Attainment ScalingStart-upMobile app:  capture small, incremental improvements for patients receiving physical, speech and psychological therapyHealthcare, Digital health$95k grants

Africa Equity Facility 

(fund-of-fund investments for Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania)

CompanyStageAboutSector/Business ModelFunding/Source
Uganda Development Corporation, Kampala UgandaGrowth Private equity investments in Uganda enterprisesFinancial services$2.5MM (LP investment)
IPRIS, Nairobi, KenyaGrowthPrivate equity investments in Kenya and Tanzania enterprisesFinancial services$2.5MM (LP investment)


CompanyStageAboutSector/Business ModelFunding/Source
MRCI, Sakhalin Russia/Seattle, WA, USAGrowthOperator of fishing trawlers, fishing & selling fresh fish to JapanFood & beverage$10MM (equity)
Flexoprint, Volgograd, RussiaEarlyAdvertising and print materialsBusiness services$600k (equity) 
Rolti, Samara, RussiaGrowthManufacturer & seller of high performance, double pane insulated windows & doors for new construction & replacement salesConsumer durables$3.2MM (debt/equity) 
Lada Xleb, Samara, RussiaGrowthProducer & seller of flour, flour mixes, bread products & network of 89 retail bakery outlets in the Samara regionFood & beverage$3.2MM (debt/equity) 
Saratov Wallpaper, Saratov, RussiaGrowthProducer & seller of wallpaper & decorating products for new construction & home improvement segmentsConsumer non-durables$3.2MM (debt/equity) 
Working capital loans transacted thru our lending arm in Russia 
Antarius-Service, Vladivostok, RussiaEarlySeller of computer equipment and servicesBusiness services$15k (debt) 
SuyuzTehnoTrans, Vladivostok, RussiaGrowthSupplier of rail services to Russia RailwaysTransport services$165k (debt) 
Air-Service, Vladivostok, RussiaEarlySupplier of transport services to regional airportsTransport services$20k (debt) 
Nesina, Khabarovsk, RussiaEarlyReseller of refurbished computers and peripheral equipmentBusiness services$12k (debt) 
Implants, Vladivostok, RussiaGrowthOwner/operator of dental clinics in Vladivostok & KhabarovskHealthcare services$183k (debt) 
Chernykh, Khabarovsk, RussiaGrowthInterior design servicesHealthcare services$50k (debt) 
Rakurs-S, Khabarovsk, RussiaEarly Engineering surveying services to the building tradesBusiness services$20k (debt) 
Davdov, Vladivostok, RussiaGrowth Operator of independent retail kiosks in open marketsRetail$30k (debt) 
Contact Plus, Vladivostok, RussiaGrowth Operator and distributor of optical products and outlets in the Russia Far EastHealthcare services$70k (debt) 
Konkom-Invest, Vladivostok, RussiaGrowth sProducer of fabricated wood products to building contractorsBuilding materials$60k (debt) 
Soloveb, Vladivostok, RussiaEarly Maintenance services to logistics and transport companiesTransport services$25k (debt) 
Vostochnoye, Khabarovsk, RussiaGrowth Producer of branded juice productsFood & beverage$35k (debt) 
Credit facilities provided to Russian banks for on-lending to Russia SMEs, extending our market reach in the Russia Far East 
Primsots Bank, Vladivostok, RussiaExpansionFull service bank lending to individuals and enterpriseFinancial services$4MM (debt facility) 
Regio Bank, Khabarovsk, RussiaExpansionFull service bank lending to individuals and enterpriseFinancial services$3MM (debt facility) 
MDM Dalnevostochnij Bank, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, RussiaExpansionFull service bank lending to individuals and enterpriseFinancial services$10MM (debt facility) 
Vnesnortgbank, Vladivostok, Sakhalin and Khabarovsk, RussiaExpansionFull service bank lending to individuals and enterpriseFinancial services$10MM (debt facility) 

South Africa:  The Succession Fund

Company*StageAboutSector/Business ModelFunding/Source**
 GrowthHousing constructionConstruction$1.1MM PE
 Start-upSecurity servicesBusiness services$632K VC
 GrowthFood services Food and beverage$1.9MM PE
 GrowthRadio station Media$2.1MM PE
 EarlyHome security servicesConsumer services$1.1MM VC
 Start-upComputer servicesIT$105k VC
 GrowthTelecommunicationsIT$4.2MM PE
 GrowthMedia holding Media$2.1MM PE
 GrowthComputer servicesSoftware$3.2MM PE
 GrowthFood manufacturingFood and beverage$3.8MM PE

* Name of investees undisclosed at request from our co-fund partner


CompanyStageAboutSector/Business ModelFunding/Source
General Genetics LLPStart-upPharma-cogenetic test (PCR) for precise dosing of medicationsHealth Care, Life Sciences$488K innovation grant
Chemistry and Innovation LLPStart-upHydrogel herbal remedies for wound treatmentsHealth Care, Life Sciences$1.5MM innovation grant
BioSmart LLPStart-upPilot production of recombinant proteins for dental applicationsHealth Care, Life Sciences$1.1MM innovation grant
Kaz Track Technology LLPStart-upTrack membranesHealth Care, Life Sciences$577K innovation grant
Biostem LLPStart-upRecombinant biomimetic peptides for therapeutic immunostimulative and anti-viral activityHealth Care, Life Sciences$600K innovation grant
Microfit LLPStart-upNatural radionuclide isotopesHealth Care, Life Sciences$580K innovation grant
Antigen LLPStart-upNatural polymer-based biologic coverings for burn and surgical woundsHealth Care, Life Sciences$1.33MM innovation grant
LLP SIC Zhana ZhobaStart-upProduction of medical gauze from cotton wasteHealth Care, Life Sciences$400K innovation grant
BioProm Technologies LLPStart-upProduction of virus-free potatoes from micro-tubersAgriculture Life Science$500K innovation grant 
Bio Tech TKS LLPStart-upDomestic producer of rubber from local plants (Taraxacum Kok-Saghyz Rodin)Agriculture Life Science$1.04MM innovation grant
Glay SK LLPStart-upMineral additives for animal (cattle, camels and horse) feedAgriculture/Animal Husbandry$900K innovation grant
Antigen NPC LLPStart-upStarters for the manufacturer of fermented dairy products (Shubat & Kumiss) local products consumed by Kazakhstani citizensAgriculture Life Science$600K innovation grant
KazCytoGen LLPStart-upDNA passport to determine genetic and cytogenetic characteristics of sheep breeds specific to Kazakhstan––to early identify genetic defects and breed more healthy sheepAnimal Husbandry$600K innovation grant
Master Gene LLPStart-upCreation of PCR assays for molecular and epidemiologic monitoring of plague and brucellosisAgriculture Life Science$377K innovation grant
AIM Lab LLPStart-upSelf-healing composite coatingsRenewables, Energy, Materials $600K innovation grant
Institute of Rheo TechnologiesStart-upUse of magnetic energy to reduce oil viscosity and cut water concentrationRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.5MM innovation grant
Institute of Polymer Materials and TechnologiesStart-upPolymers for enhanced oil recoveryRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.4MM innovation grant
KBTU Metallum LLPStart-upPilot production of nano-structured carbon materialsRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.5MM innovation grant
AspanTau LLPStart-upCement super-plastizersRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.5MM innovation grant
KazCatTechDamu LLPStart-upCatalysts for conversion of light alkanesRenewables, Energy, Materials $700K innovation grant
Institute of coal chemistry and technologiesStart-upGasoline and diesel fuel production from brown coalRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.5MM innovation grant
Astanatechcom LLPStart-upMagnegasRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.5MM innovation grant
Center for Luminescent Materials LLPStart-upFluorescent polymer materialsRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.5MM innovation grant
Institute of Polymer Materials and Technologies”Start-upHydrogel ‘pigs’ for cleaning of insides of oil pipelinesRenewables, Energy, Materials $300K innovation grant
Institute for Innovation Research and Technology LLPStart-upWaste-based synthetic WollastoniteRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.5MM innovation grant
BioGeoTec LLPStart-upTwo-staged bacterial-chemical technology to extract precious metals from electronic productsRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.2MM innovation grant
Institute of Batteries LLPStart-upMetal-free lithium-ion sulfur batteriesRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.4MM innovation grant
International Materials and Science CenterStart-upCreation of national lab for composite and new materials developmentRenewables, Energy, Materials $1.3MM innovation grant
Uniline Group LLPStart-upKazak speech synthesis and speech recognition systemIT, software, hardware$350K innovation grant
ABY APPLIED SYSTEMS LLPStart-upSignal and video processing for moving object recognition and analysisIT, software, hardware$586K innovation grant
Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation Systems (NURIS)Start-upMulti-grasp robotic handIT, software, hardware$594K innovation grant
EqualiZoom LLPStart-upRemote sensor monitoring of communication & pipeline infrastructureIT, software, hardware$211K innovation grant
KazGeoScan LLPStart-upRemote monitoring systemsIT, software, hardware$1.2MM innovation grant
EcoRisk» LLPStart-upRisk mapping to estimate biota damage to the Caspian Sea ecosystem from oil spillsIT, software, hardware$1.4MM innovation grant