All publications in English except where noted.

1. ‘Innovation for Growth,’ Latin America edition, Harvard Business Review (in Spanish)









2. ‘Scaling-Up the Innovation Ecosystem,’ Hungarian edition, Harvard Business Review (in Hungarian)









3. ‘The GoForward Plan to Scaling Up Innovation,’ Russian edition, Harvard Business Review (in Russian)









a.) In English, ‘The GoForward Plan to Scaling Up Innovation’









b.) Also published in the ‘African Technology Development Journal

c.) Published as ‘Scaling Up Innovation,’ Russian Investment Review (UK)

4. ‘Scaling Up Innovation: The Path to Prosperity,’ Development Outreach Journal, publication of the World Bank









5. ‘New Directions in European Private Equity,’ European Venture Capital Journal









6. ‘Balancing Risk/Return:  A New Way to Limit Risk Without Slashing
Returns,’ U.S. Venture Capital Journal

7. ‘The (Bigger) Businsess Development Story in Russia,’ Hart Energy, Exploration & Production









8. ‘Connect Globally for an Innovative Economy,’ The Moscow Times & republished in The Russian Blog

9. ‘How a Russian FedEx Could Save the Economy,’ The Moscow Times & republished in The Russian Blog

10. ‘Knowledge for Economy, Niches for Risk,’ Vedomosti (Russian)

11. ‘Knowledge for Economy, 1st Steps,’ Vedomosti (Russian)

12. ‘Knowledge for Economy, Economies of Scale,’ Vedomosti (Russian)

13. ‘Scaling Up the Innovation Ecosystem,’ the Russian Blog

14. ‘A GoForward Plan to Generating Prosperity,’ published in the Russian Blog

15. ‘A GoForward Plan to Generating Prosperity,’ Vedomosti (Russian) & the Moscow Times

16. ‘Russia, Oil, VC & Tech,’ Part I & Part II, Russia Investment Review (UK)

17. ‘Potential for Innovation in Russian Oil/Gas,’ Securities Market Journal (Russian)

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