How about we work together to do more faster? Hire me as your advisor, consultant and investor.  My current activities and current projects include:

1.  Advise governments, development finance institutions, sovereign wealth funds and  venture investors in the creation of venture funds in the emerging markets. I evaluate countries for their readiness for venture capital, the entrepreneurial climate, the quality and quantity of investment opportunities (the deal flow).  Then we raise the money to capitalize new venture funds in emerging market countries. View funds created by deal structure and strategy.

Let’s collaborate to establish new financing structures and funds in your country or region, to overcome the barriers that entrepreneurs experience in commercializing technology and their business models as I’ve done in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, Croatia and Slovakia.

Read what my investors and partners say about my contributions, in English or in Russian

2. Establish grant programs, to speed the creation, development and commercialization of new technologies in your country.  Perhaps the $85MM technology commercialization project I’m overseeing in Kazakhstan, financing proof-of-concept through 1st sale might have some bits & pieces of value to you, to make grant programs more productive; especially in the areas of customer discovery, customer engagement and customer development, to insure that technology & prototypes developed actually meet the needs of customers and survive in the market.

3. Serve on the Board of Directors of companies, working to deploy their business model more deeply in their home markets, launch their entry into international and emerging market  countries.    View my current memberships, and my value-added contributions, Russian, US and international companies, from 1987-2011.

4. Mentor and develop better entrepreneurs in emerging markets. I created and deployed two Master Classes, ‘Scaling Up Entrepreneurship,’ and ‘Path to Commercialization,’ deployed in Croatia, Kazakhstan, Russia and with staff of the World Bank, to establish a culture of entrepreneurship in the emerging markets,

Let’s work to mentor and develop an entrepreneurial community to create new start-ups and utilize the human capital that seeks to make a contribution to the problems and needs in your region.

5. Consult and enter international markets as I’ve lived, worked and invested in Canada, Europe, Africa, Kazakhstan and Russia (in Moscow for 10 years).  Over the last 20 years I’ve acquired a deep understanding of investing in tech and non-tech companies/entrepreneurs (with domestic investors and Governments) in these regions, what works & does not (& why) in countries with different economic environments, cultural practices and legal regimes that require new protocols of doing business to balance the interests of all stakeholders to achieve success.

Since we’ve not spoken, contact me so we can get acquainted, let’s brainstorm if we might be able to assist one another. Write me at or leave a post and I’ll respond.  Or suggest a day/time and I’ll call. Just let me know.

Look forward to meeting you.

Be well and be lucky in 2012.

Tom Nastas

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