Growth Over Multiple Economic Cycles

Since 1986––across booms & busts, economic prosperities & financial calamities, Innovative Ventures survived and thrived––sharpening our talents in fund investment, scaling and expansion of companies, and  existing portfolios

While many are familiar with economic downturns in 1991, 2000, 2008 in the United States, developing markets –  particularly in the post-Soviet era among Eastern European countries – was different. These economies were rattled by devalued currency and restructuring of post-communist era state-owned entities, by regional war and internal political conflict that look surprisingly similar to the economic realities of a post-pandemic world. 

Innovative Ventures’ funded companies have weathered these economic storms, and Innovative Ventures team members honed their skills to expand and scale companies even amidst these challenges. Even in today’s environment, the Innovative Ventures team brings perspective to fledgling startups and growing companies, helping both the company and the governmental funding organizations navigate current scenarios and prepare for unforeseen shocks to the market in the future.