Innovative Ventures assists government funding organizations, technology transfer offices at Universities in the process of translating research into ventures

World-changing products and experiences come from collaboration between science and industry, between research and commercialization.

Most University researchers and technology transfer staff are exceptional at developing ideas. Innovative Ventures expose them to customer discovery, the business canvas model process that helps fledgling ideas find customers who want them.  From customer discovery through product/market fit, each element in the business canvas model needs to be mapped. 

Advance university research on the path to commercialization.  Introduce/expose researchers, TTO staff & administration staff to customer discovery & the biz canvas model process. Demonstrate how to conduct customer discovery, find/recruit team members, advance research through customer discovery, product/market fit, & each element in the biz canvas model. Selectively and based on maturity & depth of the university(ies) institutional capacity in a country, advise on the creation/improvement for tech transfer to function, e.g., establish policies/procedures for TTO creation (if not present), obtain/evaluate disclosures, protect IP & license/market IP to industry.  Selectively establish policies/procedures for start-up creation from IP, and mentor in start-up creation.  Establish investment vehicles within universities.