Launch and scale companies in your country or region through consulting, mentoring and support

Innovative Ventures helps government funding organizations by delivering intensive commercialization services in the scaling of early stage companies across borders

Early stage small to medium size companies require a suite of consulting services to establish their foothold with customers in a market, then scale, grow and expand.  

Innovative Ventures provides these companies direction on market entry strategies,  helps these organizations enter markets, supports their marketing and sales efforts with expert mentoring. In addition, Innovative Ventures identifies and advises on hiring essential team members, actually help raise series A-C capital, navigate cultural, legal and political & currency risks in expansion efforts. 

Innovative Ventures does not provide one-off help, i.e., “find me an investor,” “find me a customer,” “fix my budget,” “do my P&L/cash flow,” “find me a co-founder,” rather works with these growing enterprises to coach them through learning, crafting and performing these essential skills. Growth mentoring provides these companies and their founders with an essential toolbox of skills they can use as they continue to grow. 

Innovative Ventures is a team of do-ers, not just suggestors, and team members actively work WITH these growing companies to help them commercialize and scale their ideas.

  • Product/service line extensions, creation & validation of 2nd generation products, pricing, distribution/channel partners
  • Marketing/sales: Enter new geographic markets, target key accounts/customers (customer acquisition).  Social media, e-commerce, SaaS execution
  • Mgt: Additions to the mgt team (horizontal & vertical functions), KPIs, compensation (cash, equity, vesting) & HR
  • Finance: create financial statements/models (P&L, CF & Bal sheet) to IFRS/GAAP, mgt cash/currency risk, $ to be raised (equity, debt), manage AP/AR
  • Capital raising:  Open Innovative Ventures & staff networks of int’l investors for raising of series A-C &/or debt facilities.  Present mentees to investors & debt providers

For our mentees and their government funding organization, Innovative Ventures experience across diversities in markets, legal/political/currency risks, customers, investors and stakeholders help bridge the gap between idea and commercialization, between growth and scalability.

Managing such diversities brings insights, intuitions and abilities in the governance of actors with very different needs, desires & agendas. 

Innovative Ventures’s Distinguishing Asset in Scaling/Commercialization:  Invest From Our Balance Sheet

Innovative Ventures not only advises/mentors SMEs, we invested in SMEs from our balance sheet, with our financial future dependent on taking investees from early growth to exit.  Living and breathing with investees developed our wisdoms and talents to advice and counsel SMEs to overcome the obstacles & pains which all enterprises face. Deeply investing both time and talent to achieve commercial success for investees and Innovative Ventures is an asset we deliver as value to the scaling & commercialization of mentees.