Scaling Start-up Communities: How Does the Culture of Venture Capital Differ—in Brazil (& Other Emerging Countries) vs. the USA?

Roberto Alvarez journalist to the Brazilian media company Startupi (the Tech Crunch of Brazil) interviewed me (1st 30 seconds in Portuguese, then English) in August at Singularity University (SU). Roberto is one of the 80 GSP13 fellows who learned about exponential technologies and their application to create a team project which solves one of the ten […]

Scaling Start-up Communities: Catalyzing the Korean Venture Capital Ecosystem

The Park Geun-hye government is embarking on an national agenda to not only integrate Korea’s economy more deeply in the global innovation ecosystem, but to be one of its leaders too—to increase the prosperity and well-being of not only Korean citizens, but residents of the world.  Park challenged global leaders to use creativity, technology and […]